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Udemy- The Pioneer in e-Learning

E-learning had been quite of a trend for last few years and surely will boom in the years to come. Throughout the globe, few of the web-based platforms had placed the cornerstones of e-learning and is certainly one of them.


Today, we’re going to cover everything you would like to know about Udemy. Starting from Latest Udemy Coupon 2018, Udemy Coupon $10, Udemy 99 off coupon code, their courses and learning methods, and how to avail the courses online.


Stay along and let’s start reading-


About Udemy: The Academy of You

“Udemy offers an experience that rivals the real classroom, and should prove to be a useful utility for teachers and students of all subject matters.”

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Udemy is one of the fastest growing online platforms for e-learning and non-academic courses. Eren Bali, the founder of Udemy, realized the potential of virtual learning and therefore, created a software on it in 2007. In 2010 while he moved from Turkey to Silicon Valley, the raised the fund for the web platform and launched Udemy along with Oktay Cglar and Gagan Biyani in February 2010.


In the first launch, there was 1000 instructor with 2000 courses and near about 10,000 registered members. Based on the huge public response, they went up to fundraising for another $1 million by August 2010.


On 22nd October 2014, Dennis Yang was recruited as the Chief Operating Officer replacing Eren Bali. Later on, Udemy raised another $32 million in a series C funding, and the story went on with a $65 million fund in 2015, and a $60 million fund in 2016.


Since establishment till now, have been one of the most prominent and value providing online learning platforms for students of any age, profession and locality.


What Kind of Courses Does Udemy Offer?

Right at this moment, Udemy is offering more than 80,000 courses on their web platforms. These courses are organized and spread through a wide range of categories. The categories include Academics, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Fitness and health, Music, Language, Technology, Marketing, Web and Software Development, Self-improvement and many more.


The courses come from instructors who are provided with course development tools from Udemy. The trainers who prepare these courses are across the globe and expert in his field.


Based on what the instructor prefers, the courses are either free of cost or comes for a charge. And in the case of the paid courses, you will have a chance of applying discount coupons.


Udemy Coupon 2018: How Do the Coupons Work?

Udemy lets anyone across the globe to educate and hone up a wide range of their personal skills. To give the course takes a relief with the price, they have the option to apply coupon codes.


The coupons that work at courses in Udemy are of two kinds-

  1. Coupons that are offered by the instructor himself.
  2. Coupons that are offered by


Both of the coupon types work in the same process, which we’ve mentioned below. Keep reading-


Udemy Coupon Code $10


Discount Description Get Coupon
$10 Udemy 10 dollar coupon [CTA]
$10 Udemy 10 dollar coupon [CTA]
$10 Udemy 10 dollar coupon [CTA]
$10 Udemy 10 dollar coupon [CTA]



Steps of Applying Any Udemy Coupon Code 2018

All kind Udemy coupon codes can be redeemed at until there is any misfunction or expiry of codes. To avail the discount properly, grab the code and apply it through the following process below-


  • Step 1:

Grab the Udemy Coupon code(for example, Udemy 10 dollar coupon) and visit the course page through either referral link or direct Visit.

  • Step 2:

Now go to the right side of the page and click on ‘Have a Coupon?’ link.

  • Step 3:

Now enter the coupon code you’ve got earlier and click on ‘Apply’. The price of the course will automatically be updated with the discount that it’s supposed to have.

  • Step 4:

Now, complete rest of the payment procedure and enjoy yourself with the course you’ve bought.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


How long are coupon codes good for?

Every coupon code that you get from our website, has a certain time limit of validity. They’re part of Udemy’s promotion that the code can be used throughout the promotion period.


The time duration of every course can vary, based on how long the instructor and want it to be. Som promotions are run for several days, where some run for several weeks.


What’s the difference between a Udemy coupon code and an Instructor’s coupon?

As you know, the coupon codes are generated and offered from two ends of the course instructor and themselves. Both of the coupons are redeemed in the same way.


We collect the promotion codes from both of the channels. Instructors are often likely to promote their codes and course through social media and personal student base. While codes offered by Udemy have appeared on the website itself.


Why can’t I enter coupon codes on the Udemy mobile app?

Unfortunately, mobile apps(Android and iOS) are not the platforms where you can apply for the coupon courses and avail the discounts. The reason is, these mobile OS uses their personal payment methods for payments. And Udemy mobile app had not managed to integrate coupons through these payment methods.


Bottom Line

That was all we have to discuss about Udemy coupon 2018 and it’s consequences. Hopefully, you’ve grabbed the right coupons for the courses you’re about to enroll and applied them before they expire!